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Published January 2020, NAMELESS QUEEN is a young adult fantasy novel that follows the adventure of witty street thief Coin, a girl who grew up among the Nameless class without legal rights or so much as a name. When she wakes to find she has the dead king's magical crown tattoo, which can only be passed on by name, it doesn't seem possible. Coin doesn't have a name, so how did the dying king name her his successor, and why? To uncover the secret of her own name, she must learn the magic that comes with the crown, all while protecting it from the royals who would rather see her dead than on the throne.

Filled with female friendships and found family, Nameless Queen explores one girl's journey from the streets to the throne, and all the danger, conspiracy, and magic that come with it.

Perfect for fans of Furyborn, Everless, and Red Queen.

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Foreign Editions

Check out the beautiful covers and titles of the foreign editions.

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Do you like listening to books while you drive, do chores, walk around aimlessly, and/or as you meander through dark underground tunnels in search of escape? (Hey, I don't know your life, but you probably like walking around in tunnels, and I can understand that. For all your spelunking auditory needs, I got your back.)


Let Nameless Queen keep you company on your adventures! Listen to the first chapter for free now:

The audiobook is voiced by Emma Galvin and was released January 2020 alongside the hardcover publication of Nameless Queen.

Audiobook Sample


“Coin is a spunky street rat of a heroine, strong female friendships are abundant and refreshing.”


Praise for Nameless Queen

Foreign Editions of Nameless Queen

Dutch Red Book Cover of Nameless Queen

Dutch Edition


Translated by Sandra C. Hessels, this Dutch edition was published in the Netherlands on May 28th 2020 by Volt.

I am IN LOVE with the colors and art of this cover! That red! That illustrated figure! Wow! It feels like a beautiful playing card, and I love the tone of it!

Foreign Editions

German Edition


Translated by Axel Franken, this German edition was published on March 27th 2020 by Bastei Lübbe.

It's settled: I want a sword. I love this color combo and the grayscale vibe! Also, as an extra note for my dad: "Roman" means "novel"—I didn't get secretly married to a roman.


More about the book...

Hi there! Welcome to the bonus content about Nameless Queen. It's kind of like an extra prize for scrolling all the way down on this page. Good job! Here is where I'll share some of the backstory, drama, excitement, and timing on the making of Nameless Queen. Who doesn't like the Extra Features and blooper reels of movies? Books should have that, too!

Here's a list (they will become links as they go live!):

  • 5 Fun facts about the cover design

  • Vivid memories of writing the book (This might make you cry and laugh. Fair warning.)

  • Oops I deleted the love interest

  • The timeline and gritty details

  • Lessons I learned along the way

  • Themes and Exploration (this is stuff you can steal for school papers, if you want)


The title was almost red!


Get rid of the 'THE'

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