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Foreign Editions of Nameless Queen

Nameless Queen has been published in two different foreign languages: Dutch and German. Check out the beautiful covers and titles below!

Dutch Red Book Cover of Nameless Queen

Dutch Edition


Translated by Sandra C. Hessels, this Dutch edition was published in the Netherlands on May 28th 2020 by Volt.

I am IN LOVE with the colors and art of this cover! That red! That illustrated figure! Wow! It feels like a beautiful playing card, and I love the tone of it!

German Edition


Translated by Axel Franken, this German edition was published on March 27th 2020 by Bastei Lübbe.

It's settled: I want a sword. I love this color combo and the grayscale vibe! Also, as an extra note for my dad: "Roman" means "novel"—I didn't get secretly married to a roman. 

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